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We offer individual and group sessions with the Ajna, Neuro and Pyra Lights, the creations of  British inventor, Guy Harriman. These devices have a number of therapeutic benefits. Our brains operate, and communicate internally, using a variety of electromagnetic frequencies – epsilon, delta, alpha, theta, gamma, beta and lambda. These frequencies have been observed under EEG (Electroencephalogram) to broadly correspond to states of consciousness and/or mood.

The Ajna Light

As a DMT/hypnagogic light device, the Ajna Light is used to allow the individual to engage their awareness at specific “standard” brainwave states – delta, alpha, theta, gamma, beta and lambda – or a combination thereof, as well as compositional states based on the Schumann Resonance. 

The Neuro Light

Using the same technology, the Neuro Light was developed in conjunction with neuroplasticity expert Garnet Dupuis and uses a combination of light and synchronised audio to engage the brain using compositions designed to exercise and stimulate the brain in exactly the same way that going to the gym allows the individual to exercise the body to tone and develop muscle. 


The most recent development from Guy Hariman, the Pyralight is a healing pad that uses Infrared pulsed light and toroidal eletcromagnetic fields.